Create an informatics solution to determine whether the primary care providers refer patients to 'MOVE!' Program. Open Access

Varughese, Rincy (2015)

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Research studies indicate that diabetes can be prevented or delayed from developing if diabetes is identified at its early stage (Phillips, Ratner, Buse, & Kahn, 2014). Lifestyle changes and /or medication could be used to delay or reduce the incidence of diabetes (Knowler et al., 2002). The goal of this thesis is to create an informatics solution to analyze 1535 patients participated in the "Screening for Diabetes and Prediabetes Study" and determine whether the primary care providers referred patients to 'MOVE!' Program. The informatics solution analyzed VA primary care provider's action for Diabetes, High Risk, Low Risk and Normal Glucose Tolerance (NGT) patients. The results reveal that higher percent of the patients with prediabetes were referred to 'MOVE!' Program. Even though higher percent of prediabetes patients were referred to MOVE! Program, the analysis show that approximately 40% of the patients rejected in participating in the MOVE! Program. The informatics solution could be further modified to determine the efficiency of PCP referral and reasons for rejecting to participate in MOVE! Program

Table of Contents

Introduction. 1

Problem Statement. 2

Theoretical Framework.2

Research Question.3

Definition of Terms.3


Population and Sample.5

Research Design.7

Functional Requirements.8


Requesting Data for Analysis.9

Instruments. 10

Data Extraction.11


Data Cleansing.15

Statistical Analysis. 17

Final Results. 18

Conclusion. 22

Limitations and Delimitations. 22

Limitations. 22

Delimitations. 23

References. 24

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