Live-Coding in Introductory Computer Science Education Open Access

Shannon, Amy Catheren (2014)

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Live-coding, an active learning technique in which students create code solutions during class through group discussion, is an under-used method in computer science education. However, this technique may produce greater learning gains than traditional lectures while requiring less time and effort from the instructor. We begin with a discussion of active learning techniques in STEM disciplines and then present a study to evaluate this instructional method in introductory Computer Science courses. While our results were inconclusive, we discuss several interesting and positive trends related to our live-coding results that deserve further investigation.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 : Introduction

Chapter 2 : Literature Review 2.1 Instructional Techniques 2.1.1 Flipping the classroom 2.1.2 Frequent Testing 2.2 Active Learning 2.2.1 Active Learning Techniques in Other Disciplines 2.2.2 Active Learning in Computer Science 2.3 Live-Coding 2.4 Summary Chapter 3 : Methodology 3.1 Procedure 3.1.1 Design 3.1.2 What Happened in Class 3.2 Materials 3.2.1 Assessments 3.2.2 Lecture Videos 3.2.3 Quizzes 3.2.4 Final Exam 3.2.5 Departmental Surveys 3.3 Participants Chapter 4 : Results 4.1 Pre and Post Test 4.2 Quiz Scores 4.3 Learning Style 4.4 Department Surveys 4.5 Final Exam Questions 4.6 Attendance 4.7 Lecture Video Data Chapter 5 : Discussion 5.1 Analysis 5.1.1 Gender 5.1.2 Learning Style 5.1.3 Student Preferences 5.1.4 Topic Distribution 5.2 Limitations 5.3 Benefits of this Study Chapter 6 : Conclusions and Future Work References Appendix Appendix A: Prior Coding Knowledge Assessment / Extra Credit Quiz Appendix B: Learning Styles Assessment Appendix C: Quizzes Appendix D: Final Exam Questions Appendix E: Departmental Survey

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