Exploring Men's Condom Experiences, Preferences, and Desires in Cape Town, South Africa: Are New Condoms Needed? Open Access

Peters, Kenisha Megan (2015)

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Background: HIV remains one of the world's greatest public health challenges. South Africa has one of the world's highest HIV prevalence rates. In Cape Town, HIV/AIDS is the second leading cause of premature death among the city's population. Correct and consistent condom has an important role to play in HIV prevention. Recently there has been effort to innovate and reinvent the male latex condom to sustain sexual pleasure, increase uptake, and/or make condom donning easier.

Objectives: This study explores and identifies the condom preferences as well as specific characteristics men desire in condoms, to help inform condom promotion and condom development efforts in Cape Town, South Africa.

Methods: Investigators utilized a mixed methods approach, which included seven focus group discussions with 40 sexually active men, over the age of 18. A self-administered survey of 101 men, attending health clinics in Cape Town, South Africa was also conducted.

Results: Men's condom preferences can be grouped into five themes: 1) high functionality, 2) pleasure, sensation, and intimacy, 3) accessibility and availability, 4) trust, and 5) sexual appeal and excitement. More specifically men identified characteristics such as thin, break-resistant, textured, and colored and/or flavored as important characteristics to have in a condom.

Conclusion: This study makes a strong case for the inclusion of new condom designs for public sector distribution throughout South Africa. Specifically, the majority of participants expressed distrust for government condoms and reported negative experiences with public sector condoms. Existing condoms, and new innovations merit further research that could include implementation science regarding provision of a more diverse array of condom options.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction 1

HIV: The Global Burden 1

HIV in South Africa 3

Condoms as HIV Prevention 4

Condoms in South Africa 5

Condom Technology and Innovations 9

Research Questions 10

Study Purpose 11

Chapter 2: Literature review 12

Male condom preferences 13

Condom failure and functionality 15

Intimacy, pleasure, sensation, excitement, and condom use 16

Condom brand trust and reputation 19

Condom accessibility and availability 20

Summary 22

Chapter 3: Manuscript 24

Introduction 24

Methods 27

Results 35

Discussion 54

Conclusion 59

Chapter 4: Conclusion and Public Health Implications 61

Conclusion 61

Public Health Implications 66

References 67

Appendices 74

Appendix A: Semi-Structured Focus Group Guide 74

Appendix B: Condom Innovation List 78

Appendix C: Focus Group Consent Form 79

Appendix D: Survey Questionnaire Consent Form 82

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