Father Knows Best: Anti-Abortion Politics and ConservativeChristianity Open Access

Hamilton, Blaire (2017)

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This paper analyzes the rhetoric and strategies of the mainstream anti-abortion

movement to examine how their policies and advocacy map onto their proclaimed theological framework. This paper will demonstrate how the political anti-abortion party uses abortion and the subsequent theological, political, and sociological rhetoric to bring the brunt of social control to bear on woman's sexuality and enforce a patriarchal model of American culture.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction 1-4

2. History of the Anti-Abortion Movement 4-10

3. Modern Abortion Statistics 10-11

4. Anti-Abortion Theology 11-14

5. Abstinence 14-17

6. Anti-Abortion Political Frames 17-19

7. Legislation 19-22

8. Anti-Abortion Gender Roles 22-24

9. Intimidation 24-27

10. Conclusion 27-29

11. Bibliography 30-33

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