Acquaintances, Companions and Those Called Friends Open Access

McPherson, Justine (Spring 2021)

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This project explores the topic of friendship, as a modern fact of life and a cultural constant. It is comprised of personal reflections, short stories, and poems, presenting friendship from various perspectives like a Picasso painting. The Prologue is a personal introduction to the project and the various reasons I arrived at it, as well as offering the logistics of the project. The Introduction begins with a brief historical overview of the topic of friendship, extending from classical Antiquity to the social media culture the 21st century. The second half of the Introduction explains and makes a case for the hybrid form in which I present my findings and reflections. Along the way, this project addresses readers, inviting them to consider their own friendships and how they have evolved.  

Table of Contents

Prologue   1

Introduction: Those Called Friends    8         

Lesson 1: On Time and Distance         21

Lesson 2: On Cultural Differences      28

Lesson 3: On Amplification                  35

Lesson 4: On Generosity                       48

Lesson 5: On Following Strangers (and Pursuing a Few)       52

(Bonus) Lesson 6: On Vulnerability    58

Final Thoughts                                        66

Bibliography and References                69

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