The Development of a Maternal & Child Health Training Manual for Safe Mothers, Safe Babies (SAFE) Community Group Members in Iganga, Uganda: A Special Studies Project Open Access

Danzy, ShaLexus (Spring 2019)

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Background: Despite improvements, high maternal mortality rates and under 5 mortality rates persists in Uganda. More specifically, In the Eastern Iganga District of Uganda, the utilization of maternal and child health services remains low. Difficult access to quality services, a shortage of trained and motivated health care professionals, and shortages of essential drugs and medicines contribute substantially. 


Purpose: The immediate purpose was to develop a 6--session standardized training manual that provided community group members with training on behavior change strategies supporting maternal and child health promotion. The overall goal of this project was to strengthen community group members capacity in maternal and child health promotion strategies in order to motivate community adoption of healthy maternal and child health behaviors. 


Methods:The content of the training manual was based on a combination of prior experience implementing trainings with community group members in Iganga, Uganda with Safe Mothers, Safe Babies, requested content from the SAFE community group members as well as SAFE staff, key-informant interviews, and informal discussions. 

Results: The development of the standardized training manual resulted in a 6-session weekly training with content focused on maternal and child health practices. Teaching strategies consisted of participatory approaches such as role-playing activities and discussion learning. The manual was revised, and a final was created based on feedback from SAFE staff as well as university faculty. 

Discussion:Next steps include piloting the standardized training manual with community group members to revise and polish to ensure the most effective training for the target population. This can be accomplished through collaboration with the community, SAFE staff, and community group members themselves. 

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction


Problem Statement

Purpose Statement

Definition of Terms


Chapter 2: Review of Literature

MCH Globally

MCH in Uganda

MCH in Iganga

Community Health Workers

CHWs Globally

Safe Mothers, Safe Babies CGMs

Adult Education and Training

Importance of Training CHWs

Adult Learning Theory

Community Participation

Participatory Action


Chapter 3: Methods

Needs Assessment

Training Manual Development

Institutional Review Board Approval

Training Manual Revisions

Chapter 4: Results

Training Manual

Strengths and Limitations




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