Creation of a Functional Dynamic Chemical Network Open Access

Boğ, Robert Devin (Spring 2020)

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Life is a coherent system of myriad chemical networks we refer to as metabolisms. Metabolisms can be understood as systems that channel energy to generate molecular information, including sequence-specific polymers. The de novo synthesis of dynamic chemical networks (DCNs) which capture metabolic function promises to reveal new insights into the fundamental molecular principles of biological function. In this work, new designs for DCNs with expanded function and efforts in their synthesis are described. In particular, the synthesis and generation of peptide aldehydes via solid-phase peptide synthesis is detailed.


Table of Contents

1.    Introduction.                                                                                                           … 1

2.    Results.                                                                                                                     … 7

3.    Discussion.                                                                                                               … 11

4.    Future aims.                                                                                                             … 13

5.    Methods.                                                                                                                   … 14

6.    Outlines, figures & schemes.                                                                                … 16

7.    References.                                                                                                                … 26

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