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Cai, Yide (Spring 2023)

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Men Write Men Write Men Right is a full-length play in three parts and written in three languages: English, Chinese, and German. The synopsis of the play is as follows, Cai, the protagonist of an unfinished forgotten play about China by the German dramatist Bertolt Brecht, goes on a journey to get himself and his play produced on stage. He finds that his supposed great grandson in China, Yide, whose English name is John, also wants to write a play about his great grandfather. So, the character Cai comes to John and asks to be adopted into his Chinese family and be a part of his play about his great grandfather. Together, they create a new play that is both Brechtian and Chinese, about how John’s great grandfather goes to make theater in Shanghai during the Japanese invasion, while Brecht goes to Los Angeles and tries to produce this very play. It’s a play about America, Germany, and China, in three languages, and it’s a play about the writing of a play. It takes the concept of metatheater seriously, instead of just a joke or intellectual game. 

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Title Page---------------------------------------------------------------------------------1

Character, Setting, Notes------------------------------------------------------------------2

Part I---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3-48

Part II--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------48-99

Part III-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------99-115 

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