Sexual and Reproductive Health MPH Theses in a South Eastern Private University With A Special Focus on Family Planning and Abortion Open Access

Turner, Emily (Spring 2021)

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Background: Rollins School of Public Health (RSPH) in 1990 created four concentrations under the Global Health Department including one on sexual and reproductive health and population. Sexual and reproductive health (SRH) has a broad definition that covers multiple subjects and keywords within the public health field.  The overall goals of this study were to explore where SRH, as measured by MPH theses, is located at RSPH , and to gather information that might aid in the development of SRH marketing and course offerings in the future.


Methods: Data from Emory Universities Electronic Thesis (ETD) was used for the quantitative analysis on SRH theses at RSPH. Faculty and staff were a part of RSPH in the 1990’s when concentrations were established in the Global Health Department were approached for their evaluation of the educational program. All of the analysis for the theses were done through Google Sheets and WorldChart (World Map).


Results: Graduate public health students at Emory, Rollins School of Public Health (RSPH) who enrolled between 2009-2018, and graduated between 2011-2020, produced 3242 MPH theses. Based on searches for keywords related to sexual and reproductive health, we found 1066 (32.9%) MPH theses were related to sexual and reproductive health topics. With a total of 112 key words (this link will take you to the list.) For example, IPV, Pregnancy, abortion, contraception, etc. According to the Electronic Thesis DataBases, approx. 33% of total theses from students enrolled from 2009-2018 have key words relating to SRH. Global Health Department students submitted 942 theses  from 2009-2018 (submitting their thesis in 2011-2020).


Discussion: Results of this study provide the marketing team at RSPH details on the extensive sexual and reproductive health research and advising faculty at RSPH. If topical concentrations are removed, opportunity may exist for a natural quasi-experiment to determine its effect on topical theses.



Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction…1

1.1 Masters Theses…2

1.2 Problem Statement…2

1.3 Questions…2

Chapter 2 Review of the Literature…2

           2.1 Definition of Sexual and Reproductive Health…2

           2.2 SRH in The Top Five Ranked Public Health Graduate Schools as Of 2020…11

           2.3 Stigma Against SRH…13

           2.4 Conclusion…16

Chapter 3 Methods…17

Chapter 4 Results…22

           4.1 Global Health…25

           4.2 SRH Related Theses at RSPH 2011-2020…26

           4.3 Categories of Stigmatized Keywords in SRH…27

           4.4 Global Health Theses Advisors…33

Chapter 5 Discussion…36

           5.1 Overall Findings…36

           5.2 Comparison to Previous Studies at RSPH…36

           5.3 Limitations…37

           5.4 Future Research…38

Chapter 6 Conclusion…39


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