From Nature to Nurture: How the Modern-Day Houseplant Craze has Challenged Marxist Thought and has him Rolling in his Grave Open Access

Wright, Lucas (Spring 2022)

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Marx’s Labor Theory of Value is a staple in his work, providing insight into a possible method through which value is determined. However, this theory does not encompass all things which are bought and sold now, nor does it cover all things which are considered to have “value.” Houseplant collecting is one such area which does not enjoy the benefits of this labor theory. Rather, their value is determined subjectively. This type of value-forming scheme has also become an ideological tool serving only to further the distance between humanity from nature. Thus, my understanding of a theory of value is one which consists of this subjective form of value —which I will call a collectable theory of value— as a way to constitute value to nature; I also conclude that this has led to a further commodifying of nature which limits any self-sustaining value nature may have.

Table of Contents

English Version

An Introduction 1

A Value in Houseplants? 3

Marxism and Houseplants: A Way to Interpret the World 11

More than Theorizing: A Way to Change the World 37

Recapitulation and Conclusion 47

Versão em português

Uma Introdução 49

Um valor para plantas de casa? 51

Marxismo e plantas de casa: uma maneira de interpretar o mundo 59

Mais do que teorizar: uma maneira de mudar o mundo 88

Recapitulação e conclusão 99

Versión en español

Una Introducción 101

Un valor en las plantas de interior? 103

Marxismo y plantas de interior: Una Manera de interpretar el Mundo 111

Más que teorizar: Una Forma de Cambiar el Mundo 140

Recapitulación y Conclusión 151

Bibliography 153

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