A New (Non-Supersessionist) Covenant: Jeremiah 31, New Covenant, and Supersessionism Open Access

Goshorn, Ted (2016)

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Jeremiah 31's new covenant, found in v. 31-34, has a long tradition of supersessionism attached to it. This thesis explores both the tradition around supersessionist interpretation and offers an alternate interpretation through analysis and sermons.

Table of Contents

Introduction | p. 2

Ancient Sources of New Covenant Interpretation | p. 4

Defining New Covenant in Christianity | p. 7

The Epistle of Barnabas | p. 12

Justin Martyr | p. 14

Irenaeus | p. 17

Clement of Alexandria | p. 22

Ancient Sources Summary | p. 26

Modern Perspectives on Jeremiah 31 and New Covenant | p. 27

Reformed and Wesleyan Perspectives | p. 27

Current Scholarship and Homiletical Perspectives | p. 29

Non-Supersessionist Interpretation of Jeremiah 31:31-34 | p. 35

Non-Supersessionist Interpretation of New Covenant | p. 39

Conclusion | p. 43

Appendix A: Sermon on Jeremiah 31:31-34 entitled "In the Name of the Divine Spark" | p. 45

Appendix B: Sermon on Luke 22:14-20 entitled "The Blinding Fog" | p. 55

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