Evaluation on the Effectiveness of China's 2013 Action Plan for Air Pollution Prevention and Control Open Access

Dong, Liansai (2015)

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China promulgated its 2013 Action Plan of Air Pollution Prevention and Control in order to remediate the heavily polluted atmosphere. To evaluate the effect of this nationwide policy, a statistical model was developed using ground measurements of fine particulate matter (PM2.5) concentration, satellite retrieved Aerosol Optical Depth (AOD), meteorological factors and land cover parameters in northern China between 2013 and 2014. Model predictions suggested that the policy implementation has accounted for 35% or 48% of the total reduction in annual average PM2.5 concentrations, based on different scenarios of policy implementation. As data required to develop this model are generally accessible in most cities of China, this model can be applied as a convenient tool to evaluate Chinese air pollution policies.

Table of Contents

Literature Review

(1.) Air Pollution and Action Plan in Northern China

(2.) Evaluating the Particulate Matter with Remote Sensing Data

(3.) Modelling effort between AOD and PM2.5 concentration

1. Introduction

2. Data and Methods

2.1 Ground PM2.5 Measurement Data

2.2 Remote Sensing Data

2.3 Meteorological Data and Land Cover Data

2.4 Data Preparation and Integration

2.5 Model Development and Validation

2.6 Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the Action Plan

3. Result and Discussion

3.1 Descriptive Analysis and Summary Statistics

3.2 Model Development

3.3 Model Performance

3.4 Effectiveness of the Implementation of the Action Plan

3.5 Limitations

4. Conclusion


Tables and Figures

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