Implementation of School-Based WASH Education Programs and their Association with Elementary Student Knowledge, Health, and Attendance. Open Access

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WASH education programs in schools can provide students with valuable information on proper WASH techniques and practices. This can influence their behavior and health, as they may use what they have learned in their daily WASH practices. There are a variety of factors that can play a part in how knowledge from the education program is adopted and utilized by students, such as the availability of resources, and engaging educational lessons. In this thesis, I will analyze existing WASH education programs conducted by large and small public health and non-profit organizations. I will also be examining existing literature. The research goal of this thesis is to determine if and how the implementation of school-based WASH education programs can be successful, and how they can influence elementary students’ health, knowledge, and attendance. I will also perform data analysis to create a baseline percentage of existing student WASH knowledge, using pre-program survey data from the Kaleidoscope Child Foundation WASH program.

Table of Contents

Introduction. 1

Methods. 2

Figure 1: Pre-survey questions example. 6

Results. 6

Table 1: Existing WASH programs from large public health organizations. 8

Table 2: Existing WASH programs from smaller public health and non-profit organizations. 11

Table 3: Topics covered in existing WASH programs and the KCF program.. 13

Figure 2: PRISMA guidelines for literature review.. 16

Table 4: Literature Review Table. 17

Figure 3: Survey Result 1. 30

Figure 4: Survey Result 2. 30

Figure 5: Survey Result 3. 30

Discussion. 31

Acknowledgments. 33

References 34

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