A Systematic Review on the Microbiome, Pain, and Fatigue Open Access

Diallo, Idiatou (Spring 2020)

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Both fatigue and pain are common public health problems that impose a great burden of disease in many individuals around the world, with limited standard treatment and prevention options. Research has shown that there is an overlap between the two conditions as significant associations have been found between the two. Thus, improved understanding of the common underlying mechanisms of both fatigue and pain is required to advance treatment and reduce prevalence. Interestingly, microbiome alterations have been implicated in the pathogenesis of both fatigue and pain. Therefore, reviewing microbiome research on fatigue and pain may help with effective novel treatments for both fatigue and pain.


We conducted a systematic review of the literature exploring the relationships between the microbiome, pain, and fatigue.


Although there is a lack of comprehensive literature in this emerging area, current studies point to a variety of microbial taxa that are associated with both fatigue and pain.


Advancing microbiome research in both pain and fatigue will guide symptom research and provide alternate and novel opportunities for effective treatment for individuals suffering from both pain and fatigue.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Introduction. 1

A. Rationale. 1

B. Objective. 2

Methods. 3

Search Strategy. 3

Article Selection. 4

Review of Findings. 5

Fatigue, Pain, Microbiome. 6

Discussion. 10

Summary of Evidence. 10

Limitations. 12

Future Areas of Interest 13

Conclusion. 15

References. 18

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