Failure in Excess, Desire in Abundance: The Aesthetic Queering of Black Masculinity and Performative Utopias Open Access

Carr, Troizel (2015)

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Black masculinity is plagued with narratives of authenticity, fraught with statements of "Boys don't do that! Don't be a sissy! Be a man!" Alongside these narratives, violent images, caricatures and stereotypes are blasted in different forms of media that construct black masculinity as a villainous subject-position. What happens if we begin to consider a hidden potential within black masculinity outside of these vicious images? How exactly does black queer masculinity relate to a "normative" black masculinity and what does the term "queer" do? Perhaps black masculinity already takes up queer discourse and the "queer" in black queer masculinity functions as a performative, a performative that occasions a glimpse of utopia. Through this project, I hope to uncover the relationship between black masculinity, black queer masculinity, and utopia in performance.

Table of Contents

Chapter One: Introduction 1

Chapter Two: Black Masculinity and Its Construction 15

Chapter Three: Black Queer Masculinity and Its Function 29

Chapter Four: Disidentification, Ontological Excess, & Utopian Longing 40

Conclusion 55

Appendix A: Performance Journal: APOSTROPHE TROIZEL 57

Works Cited 77

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