Mamanieva: Grandmothers for Improved Maternal and Child Nutrition- A Curriculum Open Access

Mui, Wilma Zhu-Yu (2015)

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Background Global undernutrition is a pervasive issue and needs to be addressed at multiple levels, from immediate causes like inadequate diet, to underlying causes like inadequate household food security, and basic causes like lack of capital. In Sierra Leone, the situation is extreme with 36% of children under the age of five who are stunted (low height for age), 21% who are underweight (low weight for age), and 10% who are wasted (low weight for height). Grandmothers, or elder women, exert high levels of influence within the household structure, especially regarding maternal and child health decisions, including nutrition. Empowering grandmothers allows them to become agents of change and can be achieved through adult learning, participatory methods, and the Grandmother approach.

Curriculum The author created this curriculum for the Mamanieva program at the request of World Vision. The pilot program is currently being implemented in southern Sierra Leone, in 16 communities. The curriculum is made up of 11 sessions based on key topics identified in formative research. The sessions include technical knowledge as well as a script for activities grounded in participatory methods. Included in the curriculum are examples and visual aids that will aid facilitators in the implementation of the sessions. The curriculum was developed with the CDC's "Characteristics of an Effective Curriculum" in mind and the end product fulfills those guidelines.

Conclusion This curriculum is ready to be used when the Mamanieva program is scaled up in Sierra Leone. However, prior to implementing this program on a larger scale, recommendations need to be taken into consideration in order to have a successful program.

Table of Contents

Chapter I: Introduction 1

Chapter II: Comprehensive Literature Review 3

Global Child Undernutrition 3

Child Undernutrition in Sierra Leone 5

Grandmothers as Maternal and Child Health Change Agents 7

The Grandmother Project 8

Adult Participatory Learning 9

Empowerment Theory 11

Curriculum Development 12

Chapter III: Curriculum Context 13

Chapter IV: Discussion, Conclusion, and Recommendations 16

Discussion: Observations from the Field 16

Conclusion 18

Recommendations 18

References 25

Appendix 27

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