The Evolution of Hamas: Testing the Validity of the Inclusion-Moderation Thesis Open Access

Feldman Greene, Noah Rephael (2015)

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This thesis explores the extent to which the ideology and behavior of Hamas has shifted towards greater moderation as a result of Hamas' inclusion into the political process, as predicted by the inclusion-moderation thesis. The existing literature on the inclusion-moderation thesis will be reviewed to establish a proper method for defining and operationalizing the concepts of inclusion and moderation. A chronological analysis of Hamas' actions and goals since its founding in 1988 until now using officially released documents, internal discussions, and interviews, reveals that Hamas has moderated its ideology and behavior as a result of greater inclusion in a competitive political process.

Table of Contents

Introduction 1

Main Question 3

Main Arguments 5

Statement of Hypotheses 7

Literature Review 7

Research Design 18

Sources of Data 21

Stage 1: Origins of the Movement and Early Years 22

Hamas' Leadership and Structure 30

Stage 2: Hamas in its Evolutionary Phase 34

Stage 3: Hamas in Power 50

Conclusion 66

References 69

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