A Mixed-Methods Study on Hepatitis B Perceptions and Knowledge among Asian Americans Open Access

Kavan, Caitlyn (Spring 2018)

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A Mixed-Methods Study on Hepatitis B Perceptions and Knowledge among Asian Americans

By Caitlyn C. Kavan


In the discourse and scholarship surrounding viral hepatitis, we often focus on hepatitis C (HCV) and the populations that are affected by this condition. Hepatitis B (HBV) and its negative effects on Asian Americans is not as widely studied despite the literature that supports that hepatitis B disproportionately affects Asian Americans (AA). Many Asian Americans, whether they were born in Asia, in the United States, or have parents who were born in Asia, are often unaware of their hepatitis B status. Additionally, AAs are unaware about symptoms that could be linked to a possible hepatitis B infection, transmission, and prevention. The goal of this study is to explore Asian Americans’ awareness and knowledge of hepatitis B—a chronic condition that affects 1 in 12 Asian Americans.

This mixed-methods study explores hepatitis B awareness and knowledge among Asian Americans. A total of 15 in-depth interviews were conducted with Asian Americans from across the United States. Secondary quantitative data in the form of anonymous online questionnaires and screening results were used to assess baseline knowledge of hepatitis B and hepatitis B status. A qualitative approach was used because of the potential sensitive nature of discussing hepatitis B and we wanted to obtain rich information that in-depth interviews would be able to provide. A quantitative approach was used to obtain descriptive statistics about hepatitis B knowledge and infection rates. All interview responses and quantitative data were compiled and organized according to similarities and differences in knowledge and common keywords used when talking about hepatitis B.

            Overall, AAs did not show a strong sense of confidence in their knowledge of hepatitis B. Some mentioned that HBV affected AAs and that it is a concerning health issue among AAs. Some of the major risk factors mentioned include: frequent alcohol consumption and consuming contaminated foods. A majority of AAs believed that in order to increase awareness and knowledge about HBV, we must address linguistic and cultural barriers, collaborate with community leaders, and utilize social media platforms like ethnic media, Facebook, and newspapers. Increasing knowledge can be helpful in increasing screening and vaccination rates among AAs.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Introduction.. 1

Literature Review... 2

Methods. 11

Results. 18

Discussion.. 23

Hepatitis B Knowledge. 24

Hepatitis B Risk Factors. 25

Hepatitis B Protection Methods. 25

Asian American Health Issues. 26

Collectivism, Cultural Beliefs, & Linguistic Barriers. 27

Hepatitis B Outreach & Education. 29

Limitations. 30

Delimitations. 32

Recommendations. 33

References:. 35

Appendix A: Hepatitis B Serologic Marker Interpretation & Photonovel Example    37

Table 1. Hepatitis B Serologic Marker Interpretation. 37

Figure 1. Example of a Vietnamese photonovel. 37

Appendix B: In-depth Interview Participant Demographics. 38

Table 2. Demographic information of in-depth interview participants. 38

Appendix C: Coded In-depth Interview Responses. 39

Table 3: Example of participant responses to in-depth interview questions & related themes. 39

Appendix D: Hepatitis B Screening Results & Online Questionnaire Results. 43

Table 4: Asian American hepatitis B screening results collected by CPACS (2017). 43

Table 5: Results from the online hepatitis B questionnaire about hepatitis B transmission. 43

Appendix E: Qualitative In-Depth Interview Guide.. 44



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