The Effects of Media on Gender Equalities in the Ultimatum Game Open Access

Zhang, Runtian (2014)

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This research aims to determine how entitlement mediates gender differences in ultimatum game decisions and how the gender difference could be affected by exposure to different videos. Ninety-five Emory students participated in this experiment. Participants completed survey questions and watched either an animal migration video or a video intended to empower women. Then they were divided into groups based on gender and played the ultimatum game with a random person in a designated group. Video treatment is successful in elevating subjects' entitlement level and their proposed offer to selves. However, gender difference is not significant in scores on Psychological Entitlement Scale or proposed offer to self; it is only significant in the way that responders' gender will affect how much they received as an offer. No significant gender and treatment interaction effect is found in this study. Results suggest a further examination of the mediation role of entitlement on relationship between gender and decisions in the ultimatum game.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

I. Introduction 1

II. Hypotheses 4

III. Methodology 6

IV. Results 11

V. Discussion 17

VI. Tables 21

VII. References 30

VIII. Appendix 33

List of Tables

1. Summary of MeOther score, Importance Scale score and Average PES 21

2. T-test result for score on MeOther, Importance Scale 22

3. Results for regression of Average PES score and Importance Scale on Treatment 23

4. Summary of Average PES, Amount for Self and Received Offer based on gender 24

5. T-tests for Average PES, Amount for Self and Received Offer based on gender 25

6. Regression results for Amount for Self and Average PES 26

7. Regression results for Amount for Self on proposer and responder gender interaction 27

8. Regression results for Decision 28

9. Regression result for Decision on Treatment with different Received Offer 29

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