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Klosterman, Kelsey Laura (2016)

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Fifteen-year-old Eklah Fareki spends her days working in her village as the daughter of a butcher. To change things up, she colors her hair white with a dye of her own creation. But the neighboring country, Rargon, has instigated a war, and the battles soon make their way to Eklah's village. Her home is ravaged, and she and her best friend Nevi flee east. On the way, they meet other refugees who take them into the eastern country, Vali. They arrive at a military camp, where Eklah encounters a group of religious Valirens who believe that her white hair is a sign that she's been sent from their god to save them. The misunderstanding runs out of control, and Eklah is enrolled into the military camp as a soldier, where the Valirens plan to raise her to the top and have her lead them to victory against Rargon.

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