Influence of Clinical-Care Factors on Patient Satisfaction in Out-Patient Urgent-Care Settings Open Access

Finchem, Kirk James (2014)

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The study identified and measured strength of clinical factors (e.g., patient demographics, time of day, process delays) and patients' characterizations in predicting patients' satisfaction with care received during encounters in an urgent-care center (UCC) setting. Satisfaction was measured by means of a Net Promoter Score® (NPS) survey, and accompanying verbatim comments. Qualitative features of care--professionalism, cleanliness, organization--were important predictors. Less important, but also statistically significant we encounter duration, patient co-payment, and age.

Table of Contents

Abbreviations. 2
Acknowledgments. 3
Introduction. 4
Urgent Care Providers. 4
Patient Satisfaction. 6
Contextual Considerations. 8
Literature Review. 8
Urgent Care Medicine. 8
Patient Satisfaction. 9
Summary and Conclusions of the Literature. 12
Design and Methodology. 13
Data Collection, Analysis, and Results. 14
Data Collection. 14
Analysis. 15
Results. 16
Discussion. 32
References. 32
Appendix 1 - List of Study Data Available Elements. 38
Appendix 2 - Journal Article. 42
Appendix 3 - SAS Code. 54

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