Exploring the Process of Translation from Stage to Screen Open Access

Ditre, Samantha Rose (2017)

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Dance has often been the filmmaker's subject of choice since the inception of film technology in the late 1800s. Yet over time, the relationship between dance and media has surpassed the simplistic bond of "motion captured" into more complex hybrid practices. This evolution has given way to the acknowledgement of a field recently coined "moving-picture dance", also referred to as "dance film", "screendance", "dance for camera", and more. The construction of media within this constantly changing field is what I have been researching through practical application and contemporary texts. Specifically, I have been exploring the process of translating choreography from the stage to the screen, and have approached this topic by attempting to render Cherry Fung's choreographic work PM 2.5 in digital form. Through this process I have grown as a creator of hybridized artwork, and have come to a deeper understanding of the mediated body, working in uncertainty, and my beliefs concerning the field in question. This paper serves to present the culmination of the discoveries I have made throughout my process, and later to evaluate my work's place in the emerging field of moving-picture dance.

Table of Contents

I. Introduction 1

II. On the Field in Question 5

III. Delving into Exploration: Pre-Production Planning 8

IV. From Thought to Practice: Capturing Choreography 15

V. Recorporealizing and Engaging: Editing Methods 18

VI. Exhibition and Reception 25

VII. In the Context of the Field 30

VIII. Conclusion 35

Appendix A: Promotional Flyer 37

Appendix B: Concert Program 38

Appendix C: Post-Concert Audience Feedback Form 39

Appendix D: Production Photographs 40

References 42

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