The Shadow Express Open Access

Baker, Kylie (2017)

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On his 19th birthday, Sebastian receives a letter from his supposedly-dead brother, telling him to board a train called The Shadow Express. The first and only stop is purgatory. There are no return trips.

Table of Contents

1. All Will Fall... 1

2. Woman in Black... 15

3. Witches in the Air... 25

4. The Madhouse... 36

5. The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters... 52

6. Out Hunting for Teeth... 64

7. And Still They Don't Go... 84

8. This is Worse... 102

9. What a Tailor Can Do!... 118

10. Sleep Overcomes Them... 139

11. What Courage!... 155

12. When Day Breaks, We Will Be Off... 165

13. May the Rope Break... 176

14. Until Death... 198

15. And His House Is on Fire... 205

16. I Am Still Learning... 230

17. Be Quick, They Are Waking up... 241

18. Saturn Devouring His Son... 258

19. Chained Prisoner... 270

20. Hush...275

21. The Sacrifice of Pan... 282

22. The Captivity is as Barbarous as the Crime... 295

23. Then and Now... 311

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