Queer Latinx Feminist Futurism: F.K.A. Latina Reproductive Justice Open Access

Alvarado, Stephanie J (2014)

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This year marks the twentieth anniversary since the coining of the term "reproductive justice" as a framework used to fight reproductive oppression. I argue that an impasse has been reached in labeling the current campaigns, strategies, and platforms that engage Latinas as "reproductive justice". What is labeled as "reproductive justice" today is merely reproductive reform. "Reproductive Justice" has outgrown its radical origins and has been watered down by the limitations of the non-profit industrial complex and investments in neoliberal policy reform at the expense of queer undocumented immigrants. My experience organizing for reproductive justice with undocumented Latina immigrant women in the Rio Grande Valley, Texas is what brought me to this conclusion. I engage theories of Afrofuturism and mestiza consciousness as a way to argue that what was "Formerly Known As (F.K.A.) Latina Reproductive Justice", must move towards what I call a "queer Latinx feminist futurism" approach that de-centers U.S. state and legal interventions and critically engages geopolitical borders as cites for transnational feminist. This approach to organizing is not invested in reifying essentialist definitions of "woman" "citizen" or "latinidad" via policy interventions. Rather a queer Latinx feminist futurism thrives in functioning as a subversive strategy outside of the state where reproductive oppression is combated transnationally beyond borders and inclusive of queer undocumented bodies.

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Historicizing Latina Reproductive Justice...5

Uses of Latinas as the Bodies of Knowledge Production...11

Why The Rio Grande Valley?...22

NLIRH and TX LAN...25

Queer Latinx Feminist Futurism...31



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