Leading God's Flock from Rough to Still Water: The Role of the Pastor in Eatonton First United Methodist Church's Tensions Over Worship Open Access

Terrell, Jessica (Spring 2018)

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Within every church there will be conflict. The pastor is often viewed by the congregation as the one to handle the conflict by creating compromises and offering solutions. However, taking such roles often leaves a pastor at the center of the conflict and as the antagonist. The better role a pastor can take is to break with the default role of pastor often assigned to us by congregations, embody healthy qualities of leadership, and to teach and develop with our congregations a model and practice of peacebuilding.  By teaching our congregations a process for engaging conflict, we give them the ability to transfer such models to handle new conflicts that arise.


Table of Contents


Table of Contents 




Introduction                                                                                                                             Page 1


Section 1         The History and Sources of Conflict at Eatonton First Methodist                  Page 4


Section 2         The Why and How to Use Peacebuilding and Community Building Models for


                         Ordained Leadership in Congregational Conflict                                        Page 11


Section 3         A Plan for Building Peace Together                                                              Page 20


Section 4         Response of the Small Group and


                        Responding to a New Contentious Situation                                                Page 24


Conclusion                                                                                                                             Page 27


Bibliography                                                                                                                          Page 30


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