The 2x3 Initiative: A Collective Impact Effort in Florence, South Carolina to Mitigate Poverty, Food Insecurity, Diabetes, and Mobilize Sustainability through Health Awareness, Healthy Cooking, and Home Gardening Open Access

Cattenhead, James (Spring 2022)

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The age-old saying that poverty is the fault of those who experience it is far from the truth. The truth is that poverty affects everyone. One manifestation of poverty is food insecurity, which often leads to health issues such as diabetes. The research in this initial study showed evidence of this in the downtown area of Florence, South Carolina, and more specifically within a three-mile area surrounding Central United Methodist Church (Central UMC-Florence). Through The 2x3 Collective Impact Initiative (The 2x3 Initiative), Florence’s churches and communities made a collective effort to mitigate poverty, food insecurity, and diabetes in the city. The initiative showed how stakeholders could mobilize residents to share cooking tips, find ways to grow healthy produce through home gardening, and become wiser about maintaining good health and preventing ill-health. This initiative brought together local churches, communities, and organizations amid the COVID-19 pandemic and rapid downtown redevelopment changes, and Central UMC-Florence has served as the incubator for this initiative.


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