Strategic Plan for Leadership and Management for the Africa Centres for Disease Control Institute for Workforce Development Open Access

Miller, Bridget (Spring 2020)

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Background: The Africa Centres for Disease Control, created to support Africa Union (AU) Member States (MS), is mandated to protect the health of Africa. To address issues of the public health workforce, the Institute for Workforce Development (IWD) was created supported by Emory University, Rollins School of Public Health. One priority identified for workforce development was leadership and management competencies for all senior level leaders and managers in National Public Health Institutes (NPHI). Though there are many stakeholders working to increase leadership and management competencies in AU MS, there is no current strategy outlining future of leadership and management training.

Objectives: This project created a 5-year strategic plan for leadership and management competency training for the Africa CDC IWD. This plan provides mission, vision, and values statements, as well as strategic goals and objectives for leadership and management in Africa NPHI.

Methods: To assess the current situation of senior level leadership and management, all relevant literature and key informant interviews were reviewed. A SWOT analysis determined the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to success to the leadership and management training, plus implementation and monitoring and evaluation plans were created for leadership and management competency training in AU MS.

Results: A 5-year strategic plan was created for leadership and management training. The overall goals and objectives were developed based on information gathered. An implementation plan was created with specific activities for stakeholders and a monitoring and evaluation plan was detailed for yearly reporting. The SWOT analysis was reviewed and incorporated into the plan to ensure success.

Discussion: This strategic plan outlines the current state of leadership and management in AU MS, as well as the goal of what it should be in the next five years. This plan provides the opportunity for stakeholder collaboration toward the common goal of strengthening leadership and management competencies in Africa. However, there remain challenges with adequately measuring and evaluating leadership and management competencies. This plan will increase the ability of public health leaders in AU MS to inspire and motivate teams of public health workers while also effectively managing partnerships and resources.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Introduction 1

Terms 4

Chapter 2. Literature Review 5

Understanding Leadership and Management 5

Leadership and Management in the Africa CDC 5

Development Approaches 7

Existing L&M Plans and Programs 8

L&M Competencies 9

Summary 11

Chapter 3. Methods 12

Chapter 4. Strategic Plan 15

Vision 15

Mission 15

Values Statement 15

Goal/Objectives 15

Budgeting/Staffing/Timeline 16

Monitoring and Evaluation 17

Communication Plan 19

Implementation Plan 19

Risk Assessment 20   

SWOT Results 22

Chapter 5. Discussion/Public Health Implications 24

           Recommendations and Next Steps 24

           Limitations 25

           Public Health Implications 26

Appendix 1: SWOT Analysis 27

Appendix 2: Indicators and Targets for Monitoring 28

Appendix 3: Implementation Plan 30

References 31

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