Social Stigma in Substance Use and Risky Sexual Behaviors in Adolescents: A Thematic Analysis Open Access

Robinson, Marissa (Spring 2019)

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This qualitative study aims to increase knowledge of overlapping themes regarding the relationship of social stigma around the topics of risky sexual behaviors and substance use among adolescents. A thematic analysis of semi-structured interviews with sixteen key community informants and five focus groups of participants in the Teens Linked to Care (TLC) initiative identified key themes. The results show that themes of social stigma were identified through descriptions of stigma, enforcers of stigma, negative effects of stigma and implications for programming within the community. The data suggests that further studies are needed to investigate the relationship of social stigma around the topics of substance use and risky sexual behaviors in adolescents. 

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Introduction8

Chapter 2: Review of the literature12

Chapter 3: Design & Methodology20

Chapter 4: Findings23

Chapter 5: Conclusion31

Chapter 6: References39

Appendix A: Teens Linked to Care (TLC) Qualitative Evaluation 47

Appendix B: Key Informant Interview Guide  48

Appendix C: Youth Advisory Board Focus Group Discussion Question Guide 50

Appendix D: Community Advisory Board Focus Group Discussion Question Guide 51

Appendix E: Teens Linked to Care (TLC) Themes and Sub-themes53

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