"Maternal and Child Health in Italy through the Humanities Lens": A curriculum for Emory University learners for the 2017 "Bioethics in Italy" Summer Studies Program Open Access

Villa, Elena A. (2017)

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The Italian Summer Studies Program at Emory University created by Dr. Judy Raggi-Moore offers learners an interdisciplinary study of Italy through the ages, incorporating the perspectives of Italian cultural and medical humanities. The purpose of the Master's thesis is to create a Maternal and Child Health (MCH) curriculum for the "Bioethics in Italy" program for future clinician learners to gain a basic understanding of public health. "Bioethics in Italy" will offer a study of MCH in Italy through the ages, incorporating the perspectives of Italian cultural interdisciplinary studies and medical humanities with the special participation of staff from the Center of Ethics and Schools of Medicine and Public Health.

This facet of the MCH curriculum will seek to enhance a learner's understanding of compassion as relates to the practice of medicine. The course will be taught via six sessions integrating medicine, compassion, and the humanities through the lens of maternal and child health in Italy grounded in the pedagogical approaches of Theory Practice-Learning and Global Perspective Inventory.

The curriculum will be implemented during the 2017 summer Italian study abroad program. Throughout the 6-week program, learners will investigate notions of compassion, mercy, and charity as civic and religious virtues for maternal and child health as illustrated through Italian history, art, literature, and current events. The Italian perspective will be used as a medium because medicine and compassion has been at the core of Italian culture; presently, compassion has become a cornerstone in global health. The goal of the curriculum is to verse learners on the importance of compassion in the medical field.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction 1

Problem statement 1

Purpose statement 2

Objectives 3

Significance 3

Chapter 2: Literature Review 6

Chapter 3: Methods 16

Formative Research 16

IRB Approval 16

Curriculum Development 17

Curriculum Pre-Testing 18

Chapter 4: Results 20

Curriculum 20

Implementation 28

Evaluation 28

Chapter 5: Discussion 30

Strengths and Limitations 30

Recommendations 33

Conclusion 34

Chapter 6: Bibliography 36

Appendices 41

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