Understanding the Destructive Forces of Colonization: A Necessary Step to Foster Partnerships of Dignity in Haiti. Open Access

Hlad, Lorne (Spring 2021)

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Despite being home to an ongoing humanitarian crisis, Haiti remains largely "out of sight, out of mind" in North America. When Haitian news does reach a global audience, it's usually in the context of an earthquake, hurricane, outbreak of infectious disease, or reasons of political unrest. These stories remind us of immense human suffering at the hands of extreme poverty. Just a 90-minute flight away from America's abundance, Haiti’s crippling poverty and lack of adequate resources is a scandal of our shared humanity. 

For over twenty years The Haitian Timoun Foundation has brought people to Haiti on immersion trips focused on the missional praxis of accompaniment. Surveys and individual interviews from past participants provided feedback on ways our organization could better prepare travelers before visiting Haiti. Research revealed that most participants lacked an adequate understanding of the key historical events that resulted in Haiti becoming the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. A four-part guidebook on the intersection of Haitian history and accompaniment theology was created as an outcome of this project to help future generations of travelers understand how the modern-day context of Haiti has been shaped by colonization. This project claims that educating North American participants on the history of colonization and systemic injustice is a necessary step in forging authentic partnerships of accompaniment in Haiti.

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