Communizing Atlanta: Anarchist Economics in the City, 2009–2019 Open Access

Eisen, Gabriel (Spring 2020)

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Anarchists have a long-standing tradition of critiquing capitalism and envisioning and striving for alternative models of political-economy. This study look at anarchists in Atlanta in the ten years following the Great Recession of 2008. I find that while Atlanta anarchists maintained utopian, anti-capitalist dreams consistent with the early anarchists of the turn of the twentieth century, global political-economic shifts meant their anti-capitalist efforts looked substantially different from their forebears. Changes to capitalism meant that, in contrast to the worker-centered revolutionary efforts of early anarchists, Atlanans put much of their time and energy into mutual aid projects which attempted merely to alleviate the worst effects of capitalism in the present moment. For much the same reasons, anarchists during this time spread their ideas not in the workplace, but in social movements, particularly Occupy Wall Street of 2011. In the latter half of the period I found that new ideas, most notably Tiqqunism, began to rise to the fore of Atlanta anarchism. These ideas incorporated analyses of contemporary capitalism and proposed ways of living and developing revolutionary potential by making as much of everyday life communal as possible.

Table of Contents

Preface 2

Introduction 5

Chapter 1: Situating Classical Anarchist Economics and Political-Economic Changes 12

Chapter 2: The Teardown and the Economics of Daily Life 22

Chapter 3: Occupy Atlanta and the Social Movement 32

Chapter 4: Tiqqunism, The New Anarchist Economics? 45

Conclusion 54

Appendix 57

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