An Analysis of Visits to Fixed and Mobile Smoking Cessation Clinics, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 2014-2015 Open Access

Alraihan, Naif Mohammed (2016)

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Background: Smoking rates in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) have increased over the past decade. This has led the Ministry of Health (MoH) to establish a Tobacco Control Program to eradicate tobacco use. According to a national survey in 2010, 37% of males and 6% of females were smokers; rates that have more than doubled compared to those 10 years earlier. The Tobacco Control Program has instituted a new approach of using mobile smoking cessation clinics (MSCC) to help those who want to quit. We compared the efficacy of the MSCC and fixed clinics by measuring number of visitors and attempts at quitting.

Methods: Participants attending the Tobacco Control Program smoking cessation clinics in 19 health regions of KSA between July 2014 to July 2015 were surveyed. Ten regions had both mobile and fixed clinics and nine had only fixed clinics. We examined the overall number of participants, the number visiting each clinic type; by gender, region, age group, and smoking status (first-time quitters and those who had previously attempted).

Results: From July 2014 - July 2015, 30,210 KSA participants attended smoking cessation clinics. Over half (16,376; 54%) attended fixed clinics and 46% (13,834) attended mobile ones; 94% (28,330) were male and 6% (1,880) were female. Fixed clinics were chosen by 56% (15,912) of the men, and by 25% (464) of women. In contrast, mobile clinics were chosen by 75% (1,416) of women and 44% (12,418) of men.

Conclusion: MSCC were more accessible and appealing to certain demographic elements of the KSA population than fixed ones. However both foster an environment of safety, comfort, and confidentiality.

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Chapter 1- Introduction 7

Background 7

Study Problem 8

Study Purpose 9

Chapter 2- Literature Review 11

Global Issues 11

Smoking Prevalence in KSA 15

Efforts to Reduce Smoking in KSA 19

Mobile Clinics in KSA 22

Stationary Cessation Clinics in KSA 24

Gender and Smoking in KSA 26

Case definitions 27

Chapter 3 -Manuscript 28

Abstract 28

Introduction 29

Methods 31

Results 33

Discussion 36

Chapter 4 - Conclusions and Recommendations 40

References 42

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