Las Indocumentadas: A Feminist Decolonial Analysis of the Anthropological Subject in Roman Catholic Teachings on Gender and Sexuality and Catholic Social Thought Open Access

Rubalcaba, Melissa (2016)

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This dissertation provides a feminist decolonial analysis of the human person in the Roman Catholic tradition--both in its teachings on gender and sexuality and in Catholic Social Thought (CST)--and argues that the theological anthropological imaginary of the Roman Catholic Church creates and sustains categories of las indocumentadas: individuals that are deemed to not closely enough approximate the norm of humanity due to their sex, gender, sexuality, and/or race. As indocumentadas, these individuals occupy a space at the subontological colonial difference, a space characterized by the omnipresence of violence--epistemic, physical, and sexual. Since the tradition, even the tradition of CST, neglects las indocumentadas in their anthropological constructions, it becomes impotent in actually advocating for justice for these persons. I ultimately argue that if the tradition of CST desires to create a more equal and just global society oriented towards the common good, then it must prioritize the creation of a space of epistemological and anthropological sanctuary for las indocumentadas, a space enacted by authentic recognition and decolonial love, wherein all subjects, not in spite of, but because of their differences, can be included in the human moral community.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Genealogy of Critique

3. Las Indocumentadas in Roman Catholic Teachings on Gender and Sexuality

4. Las Indocumentadas in the Tradition of Catholic Social Thought

5. Sanctuary for Las Indocumentadas: Towards a New Humanism Enacted Through Recognition and Decolonial Love

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