Automatic Strut Detection of Bioresorbable Stent from Optical Coherence Tomography Images Open Access

Han, Tianli (2015)

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Detection of stents is used for 3D reconstruction of vessel lumens which is important to provide reliable medical analysis. The detection is mainly based on medical images such as OCT. A huge set of image data from hundreds of patients make tedious manual detection unaffordable. In this paper, we propose a new automatic detection algorithm which has a considerable improvement. In most cases, the algorithm can automatically find all stent structures without any error.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction 1

1.1 Bioresorbable Stents 1

1.2 OCT 5

1.3 Purpose of This Research 6

1.4 Related Work 10

2. Pre-processing 11

2.1 Lower Part 11

2.2 Circle And Line 12

2.3 Bright Region 13

3. Detection Algorithm 16

3.1 From RGB to Binary 16

3.2 Edge Detection 19

3.3 Centroid Plot 21

4. Error Elimination 23

4.1 Relative Distance 23

4.2 Center Modification 26

5. Second Detection to Obtain More Struts 28

6. Final Error Elimination 31

6.1 Covered Edges 31

6.2 Nearby Area 33

7. Manual Patching 35

8. Results 36

9. The Usage of The Strut Points in Stent Reconstruction And Blood Flow Simulation 41

10. Reference 43

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