A Review of mHealth and eHealth Interventions to Combat Increasing Rates of STIs and HIV Among Adolescents Open Access

Wilson, Andrew Denis (2016)

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Interventions to curb increasing rates of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and HIV among adolescents/young adults are being developed every year around the world. A specific subset of these interventions includes the utilization of mobile phone technologies and the internet in the areas of disease prevention, treatment, and behavior change. The terms 'mHealth' and 'eHealth' have been coined to describe such interventions. Globally, the number of internet users was estimated to reach 3 billion users at the end of 2014, and there are an estimated 6 billion cell phone subscriptions [2]. Technology utilization, including the internet and mobile phones, among youth is extremely high. One study suggests that up to 93% of the adolescent population In the United States have regular internet access, and upwards of 75% have a mobile phone [1]. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), adolescents account for almost half of the 20 million new cases of STDs annually, here in the United States [3]. By better understanding the ways in which adolescents interact on their mobile phones and the internet, new and innovative technology based applications can be developed and implemented to improve STI and HIV related outcomes. This review aims to examine the scientific literature in relation to mHealth and/or eHealth and STI/HIV prevention, treatment and behavior change in order to provide an assessment of the state of the science and directions for future exploration.

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Chapter 1: Introduction 1

Chapter 2: Methods 8

Chapter 3: Results 10

Chapter 4: Discussion and Conclusion 22

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