Parenting Self-Efficacy in Depressed and Non-Depressed Mothers of School-Aged Children: The Role of Mood, Stress, and Social Support Open Access

Ross, Andrew Jeffrey (2017)

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Parenting self-efficacy (PSE) in mothers of school-aged children is not fully understood, as the literature on PSE has primarily focused on mothers of infants and younger children. This study aimed to build on knowledge gained from cross-sectional correlational studies supporting an association between mood and PSE by testing the role of experimentally manipulated mood on mothers' PSE and potential moderation of that association by mothers' current depressive symptom level. Additional aims were to study associations between stress and social support and PSE. Mothers (N = 192) of 7 to 10-year-old children responded to a two-part online survey that included baseline questionnaire measures of depression symptom levels, PSE, mood, stress, and social support, as well as experimental manipulation of mood with film clips and repeated measures of mood and PSE. Consistent with hypotheses, lower PSE was significantly associated with higher depression and lower social support but not higher stress. The mood manipulation failed to elicit the expected positive or negative mood, the sad clip was not associated with lower PSE relative to baseline, and depression did not act as a moderator in the PSE-sad mood relationship. Despite the lack of clear information about the direction of the PSE-depressed mood relationship, this study provides support for the importance of mothers' depression and social support in their parenting confidence with school-aged children.

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Table of Contents

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