A Humble Warning to the Residents of Ol Kalou Open Access

Ndirangu, Tania (Spring 2021)

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This project is a composite novel consisting of three stories and a prologue, through which the narrator, a man named Hilary Emanuel, traces (what he regards as) the ethical decline of a small town in central Kenya called Ol Kalou. Through the idiosyncratic lens of Hilary Emanuel, I explore the themes of faith, colonialism, and existence for the people of this village. Although Hilary tries to use these stories to teach a larger ethical lesson about the village, it was important to me that he fails. Meaning, he undermines his own authority along the way, so that the reader feels free to disagree with him. Thus, there is enough substance within each story so that the reader can discern an emotional “excess” beyond Hillary’s interpretations, partially so they can draw their own conclusions, and partially to preserve the sense of ambivalence and complexity that is a central part of all human stories.

Table of Contents

Prologue                                                                                                                                3

Kimani and the Milk Cow                                                                                                    5

The Story of Eliza                                                                                                                 16

The Story of Anne                                                                                                                27

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