Comparison of Rotavirus Severity Scoring Systems Open Access

Kennedy, Jordan Leigh (2015)

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Rotavirus severity scoring systems are used for evaluating severity of illness in patients with gastroenteritis. There are two widely used scoring systems (Vesikari and Clark) and a New scoring system, but little research has been done comparing the scoring systems. A dataset including 948 gastroenteritis patients from 5 hospitals was used. The scores were evaluated individually, using Hosmer and Lemeshow goodness of fit tests, as well as against each other. The scores themselves were compared using Cohen's kappa agreement and the scores were then used to create models. The models were compared based on AIC and residual deviance. The kappa agreement showed moderate agreement between each pair of scores, while all other tests showed the New system performing best, with the Vesikari system performing less well and the Clark system performing poorly. Clearly, the New scoring system is worth consideration by investigators, but the Vesikari scoring system is more accurate of the currently used systems.

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