Trends in Consumer Research Literature: A Historical Analysis Restricted; Files Only

Zeng, Zhu (Spring 2019)

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Authors' choices of words and subject terms arise from generative processes that include the underlying structures. These hidden topics and the distributions over words could reflect the thoughts and factors that drive innovation and changes in the field. The goal of this research is to uncover the hidden thematic structure that lives inside the collection of observed words and to investigate the evolution of substantive topics over the years. The data used in this analysis comprise articles published in the Journal of Consumer Research (JCR) and Advances in Consumer Research Proceedings (ACR) (1974–2017). There are 14,286 articles with more than 10 million words. A dynamic topic model captures the topic evolution. The way authors talked about a topic in 1974–1984 differs from the same in 2007–2017. Words underlying topics have probability changes over time. The interaction between the two publications JCR and ACR tends to have the smallest distance when they are close to each other in time, whereas a single topic might fail to have a powerful influence on the same topic across these two publications. 

Table of Contents

Table of Contents 

1, INTRODUCTION ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1 

2, DATA --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4 

2.1 Articles -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4 

2.2 Stemmer ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 6 

2.3 Number of Topics ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6 

3, METHOD ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7 

3.1 Latent Dirichlet Allocation -------------------------------------------------------------------- 7 

3.2 Dynamic topic model --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8 

4, WORDS AND HIERARCHICAL CLUSTERS ------------------------------------------------ 10 

5, TOPIC EVOLUTION AND TRENDS OF WORDS ------------------------------------------ 12 

6, INTERACTION BETWEEN JCR and ACR ---------------------------------------------------- 14 

7, DISCUSSION and CONCLUSIONS ------------------------------------------------------------ 15 

8, REFERENCES -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 17 

9, FIGURES and TABLES --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 19 

Table 1 Examples of Studies of Topic Models of Academic Papers ----------------------- 19 

Table 2 Most Frequently Used Words in Journal of Consumer Research ----------------- 20 

Table 3 Most Frequently Used Words in Advances in Consumer Research -------------- 21 

Table 4 Hierarchical Cluster Analysis in Journal of Consumer Research ----------------- 22 

Table 5 Topic Distribution in Document ------------------------------------------------------- 23 

Table 6 The Representativeness of Terms Within 16 Topics ------------------------------- 23 

Figure 1 Five-Fold Cross-Validation ----------------------------------------------------------- 24 

Figure 2 Word Cloud by Decades in JCR and ACR ------------------------------------------ 25 

Figure 3 Dynamic topic model ------------------------------------------------------------------- 29 

Figure 4 Topic Evolution and Trend of Word Within Topic -------------------------------- 30 

Figure 5 Topic Trend ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 31

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