Association Between Motor Ability at 4½ years and Physical Activity at 10½ years in the Infant Aphakia Treatment Study Open Access

Rodriguez, Julian (Spring 2020)

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The objective of this study is to understand the association between fine and gross motor skills and visual acuity and participation in physical activities among children treated for congenital cataracts at age 10 years. Data were analyzed by conducting crude and adjusted binary logit regression models to estimate odds ratios (OR) for the relationship between fine and gross motor skills (as measured by Movement Assessment Battery for Children-2 (MABC-2) scores) and visual acuity (VA) at age 10 ½ years and participation in organized and unstructured physical activity. There was no evidence to suggest fine and gross motor skills, as measured by MABC-2 scores at age 4 ½ years, predict participation in organized physical activity, but poorer fine and gross motor skills at age 4 ½ years were associated with reduced participation in unstructured physical activity. There was no significant association between VA in the treated eye at 10 ½ years and participation in organized or unstructured physical activities. Our findings suggest that poor fine and gross motor skills can have long-term implications for participation in physical activity in children treated for congenital cataracts. This study further emphasizes the importance of expanding research into the impact of unilateral visual conditions on development of motor skills and participation in physical activity.

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