The Ethics of Memory Modification: Insights from the Roman Catholic Tradition Open Access

Jo, Phillip Chuel (2014)

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In recent years, memory related technology and research have received growing interest and funding. This technology, however, raises serious ethical considerations that include implications for human identity and the Common Good. This thesis will provide an initial overview of memory in contemporary research and a discussion of important ethical issues in memory modification. Broadening the conversation, I also bring to the fore the relevance of religion and turn to the Roman Catholic Church's bioethical tradition. An exploration of personhood, autonomy, totality, social justice, and non-maleficence paves the way for a constructive analysis of memory modification that parallels certain dimensions of current debates about the ethics of enhancement, neurological death, euthanasia, and genetic engineering.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:

Introduction 1

Chapter 1: The Semantics of Memory 3

Chapter 2: Contemporary Memory Ethics 19

Chapter 3: Toward a Dialectic: The Importance 31

of Religious Ethics

Chapter 4: The Catholic Church and Memory Modification 42

Conclusion 64

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