Gene-smoking interaction on incident stroke and ischemic stroke Open Access

Chen, Jiali (Spring 2020)

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Abstract: Cigarette smoking and genetic predisposition are established risk factors for all stroke subtypes. However, the interaction between smoking and genetic susceptibility on stroke and subtypes has been well understood. In this study, we examined the gene-smoking interaction on incident stroke and ischemic stroke using a genetic risk score (GRS) consisting of previous reported genetic loci associated with stroke. The prospective cohort study is based on the UK Biobank study, which included 392,997 Caucasians free of cardiovascular diseases and stroke at the baseline. Smoking status is classified as current vs. non-current, and ever vs. never smokers. Cox proportional hazard model is adopted to analyze the association of GRS and smoking status, as well as their interaction effect. After a median follow-up of 3,808 days, 2,847 incident stroke cases and 2,167 ischemic stroke cases were ascertained using diagnosis codes. Although GRS and smoking status were independently associated with incident stroke and ischemic stroke, the GRS-smoking interaction did not significantly predict incident stroke or ischemic stroke. These results do not support that gene-smoking interaction plays an important role in the development of stroke or ischemic stroke.  

Key words: Genetic risk score, smoking, incident stroke, ischemic stroke, gene-environment interaction

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