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Sullivan, Nora (Spring 2018)

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Young Fruit is a collection of poems, following a speaker as she places herself in her surroundings. Using free verse, persona, and ekphrasis, the poems explore implications of femininity, motherhood, and landscape. The book looks outward to display an interior. Incorporating the social backdrop of the opioid epidemic, the collection questions who and what it takes to build an identity.

Table of Contents

I Want                                                 3

The Orange                                         4

Photograph of My Mother                  5

On the Cut Flowers                             6

lim f(x)                                                7

Domesticated                                       8

Bullshit Blues                                      9

Mimetismo (1960)                              10

Obitus                                                 11

Rhea's Burden                                     12

Myth of Myself                                   13

Bloody Mary at Hatfield House          14

Wintergreen                                         15

Leto                                                     16

Beckoned                                            17

Drink                                                   18

Selkie                                                  19

Naumkeag Landscape                         20

Curtains                                               21

Wing in Parts                                      22

Prelude                                                23

Evening                                               24

Pardo Venus                                       25

Beekeeper                                            26

Public Gardens                                    27

Hay Fire                                              28

Thawed Ground                                  29

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