A Lineage of Blossoming: Analyzing Literary & New Media Portrayals of Black Girlhood by Black Women Authors and Black Girls Restricted; Files & ToC

Nashid, Laila (Spring 2023)

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This work analyzes literary portrayals of Black Girlhood by Black women authors across the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries. Towards this aim, the first three chapters explore two dominant novels each from those respective centuries, and the work puts these six texts in conversation with each other by tracing shared themes. The final chapter explores social medias aesthetics that Black girls create and participate in. In examining social media aesthetics, the work also speaks to the ways in which narratives that Black women authors construct about Black girlhood (un)align with those that Black girls create for themselves. Ultimately, the work bridges the gap in the Literary Genealogy of Black Girlhood as created by scholar Nazera Sadiq Wright between contemporary literature written by Black women young adult authors and earlier novels by Black women authors, as well as shows how such a genealogy is connected to portrayals in new media.

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