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Buxton, Matthew (Spring 2023)

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Mimicking the LDS church’s timeline of mortality, A Proclamation to Worlds reclaims this tradition through a queer lens by reinventing poetic forms. The collection is told in 3 parts, with the final section composed of a reimagined heroic crown of sonnets titled Exaltation: persisting that all identities have a right to revelation, a right to be included in the afterlife, and a right to love. 

Table of Contents

Sculpting David


First Book of Samuel 2

Sacrament Meeting 3

Mount Olympus 4

Religion 5

Abecedarian Requiring Further Examination of the Children’s Songbook in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints 6

Men Like Midas 7

I-15 9

VII 11

Contrapposto 13

Stillborn 15

David’s Lament 16

(spirit prison)

hazed 18

the shower head 20

how many times 21

Carnivores 23

A milkman 24

Reflecting on the Overturning of Roe v. Wade in Paris 26

Patriarch 27

To My Sudden Onset of Premature Ventricular Contractions 29

enantiomers 32

reflection pool 34

ripples 35

the rain 36

I’ve just learned 37



Foreword: 39

I am 40

Language 41

The great 42

My ex 43

My love 44

Some things 45

Mama 46

Papa’s 47

Hiram 48

Temple 49

Nature 50

The first 51

The last 52

Backward 53

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