Exploring Violence in the Parisian Banlieues: Societies on the Margin Open Access

Mursalin, Rifat (2016)

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Although technically the French word banlieue means "suburb," it is an extremely loaded term in its contemporary socio-cultural context. The term evokes images of run-down cités (working-class housing projects) located on the peripheries of larger French cities dominated by violence, unemployment, criminality, and social exclusion. This thesis will serve as a starting point of inquiry into violence in the Parisian banlieues, by exploring banlieue identity - and what that might mean - through several key aspects such as language, discourse, fictional representations, and social exclusion. The presence of violence in banlieue French cannot be reified into a reflection or representation of malice or animosity alone, it is simply a response by the inhabitants of the banlieues to the place and status they are ascribed in modern French society, that is at its utmost margins.

Table of Contents

Introduction. 1

Chapter 1 - Banlieue Violence: Reality of Riots. 5

Chapter 2 - Banlieue Violence: Fictional Representation. 15

Chapter 3 - Banlieue Violence: Language of the Banlieue. 26

Conclusion. 44

Works Cited. 50

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