Bad Muslims: An exploration of the stereotypes, challenges, and conflicts that young Muslim-Americans face in the form of a comedic short film intended to be a capstone for a comedic television show. Open Access

Meghjee, Samah (Spring 2020)

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Bad Muslims is a comedic short film about the experiences of young Muslims in America post-9/11. The film, meant to be a capstone for the pilot of a comedic television series, explores the representation of Muslims in Western media post-9/11 and the relationship between oppression, representation, and comedy.

Table of Contents

Inspiration and Pitch                                                                                                1

Muslim Comedy Post-9/11                                                                                       3

The Market of Muslim Comedy                                                                                6

Muslims in Comedy in the Late 2010s                                                                     9

The Pre-Production Process                                                                                       9

Production                                                                                                        14

Post-Production                                                                                                19

What’s Next                                                                                                               20

Reflections on Success                                                                                              21

Works Cited                                                                                                               23

Index                                                                                                                          24

        Script                                                                                                                24

        Fundraising Pitch Deck                                                                                    40

        Locations Strip                                                                                        45

        Shot List                                                                                                  46

        Call Sheet Example                                                                                          53

        Behind-the-Scenes Photos                                                                                54

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