Women's Satisfaction with Decriminalized Abortion Services at Uruguay's National Women's Hospital Pereira Rossell Open Access

Schroffel, Heidi Katharina (2015)

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Uruguay decriminalized first trimester abortions in October 2012. The law requires women to undergo three consultations with different healthcare professionals, including a multidisciplinary team, to obtain the procedure, followed by an optional post-abortion visit. Since decriminalization, no survey studies have examined client satisfaction with abortion services in the Uruguayan healthcare setting. In this study, we aimed to evaluate abortion clients' satisfaction at the Pereira Rossell hospital, Uruguay's largest abortion provider. After intensive training on the country's newly decriminalized abortion services, the Principal Investigator (PI) observed 20 consultations with women obtaining pre-abortion counseling and post-abortion care. The PI also conducted a self-administered satisfaction survey with 105 abortion clients and examined differences in satisfaction by demographics and consultation type. Overall client satisfaction and perceived support of healthcare professionals were very high. Dissatisfaction was mostly due to the legally mandated five-day waiting period and scheduling delays. We infer that reducing delays would improve client satisfaction with abortion care.

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