Microtheatre: A Study and Practice of a New Millennial Theater Open Access

Frostbaum, Cameron (Spring 2018)

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Microtheatre is a form of theater originating in Spain, categorized by its intimate short plays performed for small audiences in flexible spaces and informal performance formats. The National Endowment for the Arts reported in 2015 that lack of time, cost, and accessibility are the three greatest obstacles preventing Americans from engaging with the performing arts. This project responds to these three barriers by exploring Microtheatre as an emerging theater practice that has particular relevance with younger audiences. Microtheatre’s effectiveness has been tested by producing two Microtheatre events, Microtheatre Emory, on the Emory University campus. Through the combined efforts of the student theater community at Emory University, these events engaged students and the greater Emory community. The practice of producing and visiting the only Microtheatre in the United States, Microtheater Miami, illuminates the uniting and energizing effect this theater format can contribute to the next generation of spectators. 

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Introduction – 1

Chapter One – 2 

            Why Microtheatre? – 2 

Packaging, Presenting, and Spectating – 7 

Packaging – 7

Presenting – 13 

Spectating – 18 

Conclusion – 21 

Chapter Two: Fall Microtheatre EmoryReview – 24 

            Third Space – 24 

            Preparation – 25 

            The Night – 37 

            Conclusion – 43 

Chapter Three: Site Visit to Microtheater Miami – 46 

Chapter Four: SpringMicrotheatre EmoryReview – 52 

            Preparation – 52 

            The Night – 59 

            Conclusion – 61 

            Next Steps – 62 

Bibliography – 66 

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