Oh You Beautiful Doll! A Study of Male Heterosexuality and Gender Performance within Synthetic Relationships Open Access

Scully, Brielle Katherine (2015)

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A study of the history of the inanimate, eroticized, female form indicates that 1.) relationships between men and dolls have existed in western culture, in some form, throughout recorded history 2.) Men involved in synthetic relationships must overcome notions of "the uncanny" in order to experience a positive relationship with their doll 3.) The relationships that men form to female-bodied dolls expands upon previous notions of heterosexuality. In conclusion, the relationships that men have formed with inanimate, eroticized, female forms in the past, present, and future, contribute to the notion of heterosexuality as inherently "queer." I argue that although the work that these relationships do to expand heterosexuality is important, ultimately, these relationships show that sexuality is far vaster than the cultural rules of the current simple binary system allow.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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Chapter 1 ___________________________________________________________________________ Page 5

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Conclusion __________________________________________________________________________ Page 79

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